During this unsettling time of COVID-19, Four Seasons Racquet Club is hard at work with renovations and developing new procedures designed to provide members and players with a safe and comfortable environment. Below, see what we’ve been doing:

wellness words_3001. To minimize touch points, we have removed our inner doors to the front lobby.

2. We have put up protective plexiglass at the front desk area both inside and out.

3. All desk staff will be wearing masks.

4. We have placed, on the floor throughout the facility, red markings to remind you about social distancing.

5. We have closed our Pro Shop. Grips, dampeners and other accessories will be available at the front desk. Our stringing service will be operational with your racket being fully sanitized upon return.

6. We have removed our Ping Pong table.

7. We have removed the couches and spaced chrome chairs for better social distancing in our lobby.

8. We have closed our self-serve kitchen.

9. We have removed doors leading onto courts.

10. We have designed new procedures to enter and exit our courts.

11. We have turned off all water fountains.

12. Lockers will not be available during this time.

13. We have placed hand sanitizers throughout the club.

14. We are temporarily discontinuing our complimentary towels, coffee, water dispenser and mints.

15. We have installed motion sensor soap dispensers in all bathrooms.

16. We have removed our outdoor water coolers.

We are still continuing to learn, and will follow the guidelines outlined by our Governor and health organizations.
Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.